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Project Share

The Alabama Region of the American Red Cross administers the only registered Project SHARE (Service to Help Alabamians with Relief on Energy) in Alabama. Project SHARE continues to provide emergency energy assistance to elderly and disabled Alabamians in peak winter and summer months. The program assists Alabamians in 59 counties statewide.

Project SHARE is funded primarily by contributions from the customers of Alabama Power Company, Alagasco and other participating energy suppliers. Customers simply pledge to donate $2, $5, or any other whole-dollar amount to Project SHARE by checking the box on their monthly utility bill. This amount is automatically added to each monthly bill and all such donations are forwarded to the Red Cross.

American Red Cross partners with CSP to administer the Project Share program in Choctaw, Fayette, Greene, Hale, Lamar and Sumter Counties.

You are eligible for assistance, a maximum of $275 per season, through Project Share if you are:

Situational Eligibility Criteria:

Head of the household must meet at least one of the following:

  • Sixty-two years of age or older
  • Total (100%) disability income

January 1st-June 30th ,(Winter Season)

  • Have a current unpaid utility bill
  • Have insufficient family or community resources to meet energy needs.
  • Have assurance from the vendor that payment will result in restoration/continuation of the home energy supply.

July 1st-December 31st, (Medical Season)

  •  A household member must have a verifiable medical condition that will be severely aggravated by an energy deficiency.


Project Share does not provide assistance with propane gas.