Community Service Programs of West Alabama

community service programs

of west alabama, inc

Board of Directors

Community Service Programs of West Alabama, Inc., is required by federal law to maintain a tripartite board; with one-third of its members from the business community, one-third elected officials and one-third representatives of the poor. The agency currently has a 15-member board with representation from each of its service counties. The volunteer leadership of the diverse Board of Directors provides proactive governance of the agency.

Officers Members
Freddie Washington (Tuscaloosa)

Mary Hodge (Hale)
Vice President

Beverly Nickerson (Tuscaloosa)

Johnnie Knott - Greene
Marianne Rosenzweig - Tuscaloosa
Kevin Dixon - Lamar
Debra Clark - Sumter
JoAnne Craighead - Bibb
Jerry Tingle - Tuscaloosa
Rod Northam - Fayette
Ron Mason - Choctaw
Ottice Russell - Sumter
Bobby Singleton - Hale
Karen Thompson-Jackson - Tuscaloosa
Eldora Anderson - Perry
Robert Turner, Jr - Perry
Luther Winn - Greene
Timfreit Drane - Dallas